hey i ride the bus and stuff happens on there


In 1585, the townspeople of Annecy, Savoy, France, became alarmed over an apple that gave out a “great and confused noise.” Believing it to be full of demons, they pushed the apple into a river.

i do not have anything to add to this tbh

Oh my gosh I hate when dudes sit next to me on the bus and don’t have any fucking regard for the fact that maybe other people (LIKE ME RIGHT NEXT TO YOU) need space as well. Like wtf you’re already big, why the he’ll do you feel the need to take up even more space. “OH LET ME JUST FUCKING SIT HERE WITH MY LEGS SPREAD AS FAR AS POSSIBLE AND MY ARMS LOOSELY AT MY SIDES, WHILE YOU SQUISH NEXT TO THE DAMN WINDOW TO AVOID ME” says Douchbag McGee as he sits on the bus.

I hate when strangers brush against me unnecessarily. Fuck off

I hate when the bus is up to 10 minutes late. Especially when I have a small window of time before I have to catch another bus. Like wtf please try to come on time people have places to be

I finally have a new smart phone!!!! I can post again to this blog WHILE IN ON THE BUS! LIKE RIGHT NOW!!!!



today on the bus people in their 40s and 50s were making fun of a homeless woman. i especially wanted to punch out the one big piece of shit whose dirty ass cheeks hung out of his pants every fucking time he got up. this other guy pretended he was going to give her food. i hate the world sometimes.