hey i ride the bus and stuff happens on there


today on the bus people in their 40s and 50s were making fun of a homeless woman. i especially wanted to punch out the one big piece of shit whose dirty ass cheeks hung out of his pants every fucking time he got up. this other guy pretended he was going to give her food. i hate the world sometimes.

a man on the bus repeatedly offered me candy this morning. if i don’t want it the first time, what makes you think i’ll change my mind 2 seconds later? i have idea who you are, and vice versa, and you are trying to offer me edible things??? do you really not see anything wrong with that?! i’ve had weird dudes twice my age hit on me and get excited saying “omg you look like you could be in high school!!!” but this is the first time i’ve ever been offered candy…ugh.

temporarily falling in love with the boy who sat infront of you on public transport

There’s a very handsome service dog on the bus.